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Organize the contents you keep in different storage media
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WhereIsIt helps you organize the contents you keep in different storage media so that they can be found more easily. In this regard, the tool allows indexing practically any type of file, including executables, music, documents and videos. Likewise, it supports different types of media, such as removable drives, discs, local disks and network drives. One of the main advantages is that you can still consult the database even to find contents in removable or network drives that are not currently connected.

The tool has a pleasant graphic user interface that resembles that of a file manager. There is a left panel in which you can browse contents by catalogs or categories. Since a catalog can contain multiple drives, it is very convenient that you can browse them in a tree view. The main panel, in turn, shows the contents of the currently opened folder. Likewise, there is a tab specifically intended for finding resources using keywords and criteria. Good news is that there are built-in viewers for most common file types.

WhereIsIt can scan a drive and index its contents quite fast. In this respect, you can filter out given file types. Similarly, you can decide to catalog the files inside archives. It is possible to have more than one catalog and the resulting files can be shared with other users with ease. Good to know that you can backup catalog files as well. Regrettably, it has limitations as to sharing catalogs on the cloud or a server.

There are other features you would probably be glad to know about. Thus, in terms of multimedia management, it can automatically download data about movies. In addition, you can use it to keep a record of the discs you lend.

All in all, WhereIsIt is a good solution if you need to keep your digital resources at hand. Good news is that it can be tried at no cost. Unluckily, the product has not been updated since 2014, which means it may have problems to run on Windows 10. Other available editions are Portable, Data Center and Web Server.

Pedro Castro
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  • Works with disconnected removable and network drives
  • Supports various types of storage media
  • Scans and indexes drives quite fast
  • Allows browsing contents by catalog or category
  • Keeps a record of lent discs
  • Autocompletes info about your movies
  • Supports previewing common file types


  • Has not been updated in a while
  • Cannot readily share catalogs on the cloud or a server
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